Permitting and Compliance

Permitting and Compliance

We help clients achieve their project objectives by complying with the myriad of environmental regulations in an organized and cohesive manner. We know the range of environmental requirements and permitting processes can appear daunting and complex. 

Our objective is to help you get your environmental documents, permits, and approvals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We are regulatory specialists, environmental planners, geologists, biologists, archaeologists, wetland specialists, and biological and cultural resource construction monitors.

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National Environmental Policy Act and State Environmental Laws

Public Involvement and Agency Consultation

Public Scoping and Planning

Public Comment Distillation and Analysis

Due Diligence Evaluations

Biological Assessments


Baseline Environmental Assessments

Impact Assessments and Development of Mitigation Measures

Endangered Species Act(ESA)Consultation

National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) Compliance and Consultation

Clean Water Act Compliance, including Section 404 

Clean Air Act Compliance

Executive Order Compliance(Presidential Permitting, etc.)

Wild and Scenic River Act Compliance

Wetlands and Floodplain Statements of Findings