Smart Environmental Systems (SENS)

Smart Environmental Systems (SENS)

Knowledge management in the new era of Big data requires people with deep expertise in statistics, databases and programming architecture, and the scientists, engineers, and analysts who know how to extract insights from Big Data,

NewFields is unique in its ability to turn data into information and then into action. Our community of senior scientists and engineers has an unmatched understanding of the questions that must be asked. Our skill is not just in uncovering lost nuggets but also discovering new ones and more importantly, turning them into actions.

We bring together the three critical skill sets needed to apply knowledge and data management: the ability to understand and build the mathematical models, the applied engineering and scientific skills to understand the significance of data, and the experience to find insights and tell a coherent narrative from the data.

Ultimately our value is the ability to ask the right questions, and that is usually the hardest piece.

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