Impact Assessment/Analysis

Impact Assessment/Analysis

Our Impact Analysis Group offers a spectrum of impact analysis services focused on assessments that include environmental, social, and health components. Impact assessment is a structured planning and decision-making process for analyzing the potential positive and negative impacts of programs, projects, and policies.

We work for multilateral agencies (e.g., World Bank and International Finance Corporation) and corporate clients throughout the world on projects which involve involuntary resettlement, indigenous peoples, or policies on governance and social responsibility.

NewFields has extensive experience in the mining, chemical, oil/gas, agricultural and water resources sectors. Our professionals serve on a variety of international scientific committees and publish widely in the peer reviewed scientific literature. In addition, we have authored technical guidance documents covering numerous areas of public health.

We have active projects and professionals working on six continents. Key professionals are permanently located in the United States, Africa, Australia, South America, and western Europe.


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