Aquatic Ecology and Sediment Management

Aquatic Ecology and Sediment Management

We provide clients with strategic solutions in Aquatic Ecology and Sediment Management based on focused, cost-effective technical approaches that are compliant with regulatory requirements. We draw upon multidisciplinary resources: (1) experienced risk assessors and aquatic scientists focused on solving complex environmental problems while managing uncertainties; (2) our state-of-the-art analytical laboratory for risk based detection limits and source identification; (3) our ecotoxicity laboratory for evaluating site-specific fate and effects; and (4) Geographic Information Systems (GIS) specialists to dynamically manage the complex data developed during the assessment process. We have supported industrial clients and government agencies in assessing contaminated sediment from creeks, rivers, and the ocean, many sites impacted by hundreds of years of industrial changes.

Our team offers unique strategies to assess the causative agents in freshwater, marine, and terrestrial resource evaluations. Realizing that contaminants alone may not explain toxicity levels or ecosystem changes, we go beyond traditional contaminant profiling. By focusing on chemical and contributing factors, our team’s approach encompasses the dynamic interaction of anthropogenic chemical, natural chemical, geophysical factors, and biological processes. The application of this approach allows precise environmental assessment and precludes the costs of unnecessary assessments and unwarranted remedial actions. Beyond soil and sediment testing, we can provide water effect ratios at specific sites, bioaccumulation studies, toxicity identification evaluations, and specialized bioassay testing and methods development to better represent site-specific conditions.

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