Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems

When facing an environmental challenge, it is essential to have a clear understanding of all relevant data before formulating a strategy to address it. NewFields uses Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to collect and integrate information from multiple data sources, such as aerial images, environmental chemistry, geotechnical data, infrastructure, ecology, and demographics.
We vigorously test and process this information to create a comprehensive site analysis that details its history, nature and fate. NewFields also uses GIS to efficiently communicate and collaborate with our clients. We create an interactive presentation of all relevant data that helps clients to better understand the challenge and move forward with clarity and confidence.

Areas of Expertise:

  • GIS documentation 
  • Natural Resources
  • Image Analysis/Remote Sensing
  • Web GIS: ESRI - JavaScript API/Flex API and ArcGIS Server and Open Source Environment
  • Mobile Mapping

Interactive, lines of evidence chemical source analysis performed during mediation session

Contaminant pathway and proximity analysis for toxic tort documentation
Physical and forage capacity of natural, warm water sites was simulated for manatees seeking refuge during extreme cold weather events. 
Display and render maps, data and custom applications from multiple sources in an open source, Javascript environment using a combination of OpenLayers, Mapserver and PostGIS
Applications developed for iPhone and Android devices designed to provide users with historical information as well as send data from the field directly to their GIS projects back in the office.