3D Modeling

3D Modeling

Computer technology has enabled visual imagery to become an integral component of our environmental site characterization, remedial, and litigation support programs. We utilize various software packages to meet project needs. Our key visualization package is Mining Visualization Systems (MVS) developed by C-Tech.
This software in conjunction with our experienced operators (i.e. engineers and geologists) allows enhanced understanding to of complex surface problems. Specifically, our visualization capabilities enable us to illustrate the interrelation of heterogeneous geologic, hydrologic, and contaminant conditions. This capability is an invaluable asset to providing clarity and understanding to technical arguments.

Areas of Expertise:

Stratigraphic and Structural Analyses:

Using boring logs, downhole logging instruments (i..e., CPT, LIF-ROST), and geophysical information (i.e., resistivity data), we produce interactive 3-D images of the subsurface. This enables more accurate correlation of geologic layers and delineation of faults and other surfaces that can influence groundwater flow and contaminant movement.

Hydrogeologic Analyses:

Transient animations illustrating groundwater movements produced by pumping, seasonal precipitation, and stream interactions are used to support remedial designs, risk assessments, and characterization studies.

Contaminant Distributions:

We use 3D imaging and transient animations to define the areal extent of soil and dissolved groundwater impacts in the subsurface. Transient imaging enables changes in the magnitude and distribution of the contaminants to be easily observed and documented. Estimates of contaminant volume and mass provide quantitative assessments for remedial cost estimation and cost sharing analyses. 

Remedial and Monitoring Designs:

Imagery analyses visualize complex interrelations between soil layers, contaminant plumes, and the ground water. This allows our engineers and scientists to efficiently design effective remedial and monitoring systems.

Regulatory Negotiation and Litigation Support:

For most people, “…the mind is blind to what the eye cannot see…” and as a result, visual imagery is an excellent tool for communication of complex environmental problems to non-technical individuals. Our team utilizes enhanced computer imagery in our litigation support and negotiation services to make technical issues simple and straightforward. By enabling greater clarity, visual imagery promotes effective communication and enhanced understanding, which produces positive results for our clients.